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What is Patch Resonalogy?

In ancient times, civilizations often dwelled on the idea of predestination. Are our fates drawn out for us from the moment we are born? Do we have free will? If not, does anything we do even matter? Patch Resonalogy was pioneered as a behavioral theory thousands of years ago. In fact, there are currently disputes on which ancient civilization first began recording their findings in the field. The simple idea is that every living thing in our world is born with a certain 'code' inside their body. This code does not necessarily determine what they are going to do throughout their lives, but rather serve as a sort of propensity towards certain types of actions. These codes, broken down into five categories, made up what are now known as Puresigns. Studies began to show that, if an individual's actions were uninterrupted, Puresigns were reasonably effective in predicting behavior. As the study grew, many became aware of the fluctuating resonance of their personal signs, almost as if the awareness of this field was allowing them to change their own personal codes. However, much of the study of Resonalogy is not backed up by data, and is merely an observation based field, making it very difficult to accredit.

(A history on Resonalogy coming soon! UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!)
According to Dr. Anthony Wom's "Patch Resonalogy," the origin of Patchsigns and Resonalogy date back to the leavings of the 'Xul' tribe. Other than the existence of Resonalogy, very little historical significance is attributed to this tribe. They were thought to have been a relatively small splinter of a Central American tribe, so small that if not for a handful of stone carvings depicting letters similar to Puresigns, their existence would not even be known. (I have pored through the finest modern internet search engines and have found no mention of this tribe, so it is entirely possible that this is made up to deepen the lore of Resonalogy.) Any confirmed history on resonalogy I COULD find was from rather unreliable sources, some dating it back to medieval times, where diviners would draw insight from the symbols to advise royalty on the status of their kingdom, others citing a 19th century cult made to sell books to ignorant farmers. Many of these accounts cite vague deities sharing the name of each sign, suggesting that there is more to the inception of these signs than just inscrutable glyphs. Even the credible sources seem to point to resonalogy being a huge sham, so why am I going out of my way to expound on its history? Well because I'm an absurdly skeptical person who will give credence to even the most ridiculous theories. Wherever it comes from, Resonalogy is interesting to me, and in some way, I do believe some of what it has to say about people and their growth is believable, if only in a religious sense. Besides, is it not entirely possible that a cosmic governing force would disguise itself as well as possible by only making itself credible through the most unbelievable sources? They do say that great lies do hide among the truth, so maybe the opposite is true! Anyway, I'll try to do a little more book research and compile the results! There's surprisingly little information on the internet! -DEE (7/23/17)