Welcome to my Website!


The "About Me" section of this website was sadly lost to the passage of time(/space?). The original author of this page has seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet, but I can at least introduce myself! So as not to cause confusion with the original site author's work, I will be writing all of my notes and annotations on Patch Resonalogy in RED FONT LIKE THIS!
My name is Dee, and I'd give my last initial to sound more professional, but that would make me "Dee E." and that doesn't sound very good. I am a college student who spends a lot of my time studying the far outs and unknowns of our universe. I am obsessed with the idea of outer beings of pure indescribable madness and intrigue and other associated odd ones observing and inhabiting our world just out of sight of our EYES. I also like romantic comedies. Guilty pleasure.
Patch Resonalogy caught my eye when I learned just how ambiguous and vague its origins and study was. Because of that, there are actually a lot of variations of Patchsigns that this site has forgotten to mention! By taking over as webmaster of this space, I am making it my job to try and compile as much information about the subject as possible. As I said before, I will be annotating in ALL RED with a date, just so you know who said what!

Nice to meet you all! - DEE (7/13/17)