Patch Resonalogy


People are too individualized and dynamic to resonate with a single Puresign at any given time, and we function so differently depending on context, that it would seem reductive and limiting to look to only one single sign for guidance. Patch Resonalogy is dependent on the fact that people can have multiple signs working in tandem, such that one may be dominant. However, it is typically reliable to use a Patchsign, that is, two Puresigns patched together, to give a functioning resonance. A person can have a sign for how they are around others as well as they interact with and change the world they live in (the extroverted sign), and another sign for how they treat themselves and what they are like alone(the introverted sign). Each sign can then be expressed both externally and internally, giving it two possible configurations with every other sign. You can find the importance of all of the sign combinations in the "FIND YOUR SIGN" Section!

A priority phrase can provide an abstract interpretation for how an individual with that Patchsign will behave. For example, the sign above (a combination of DETERRE[Ext] and EHJ EHHJ[Int]) yields the priority phrase "Fretting over Preference." In addition to being possible for an individals introverted and extroverted signs to be the same Puresign, the combinations of signs number at 38 possible combinations, or more, depending on certain interpretations of Resonalogy. Keep in mind that AAHNENN and BYTHYSS cannot combine two ways, as they represent the balance of the inward/outward facing signs and cannot be in either position like the rest. A certain combination of AAHNENN with BYTHYSS and DETERRE with CEVERRE are special configurations that are discussed in "ABERRANT SIGNS."
Interestingly enough, some systems of Resonalogy interpret the sign of AAHNENN and BYTHYSS to act as sort of 'wild cards' regarding their resonance and priority phrases. Where the sign above is cemented in its meaning, putting one of the two special puresigns as a part of it would allow someone with that sign the agency to almost dynamically change their resonance at their will. There's some serious potential in a person who can do that! -DEE (7/15/2017)

Aberrant Signs

In Patch Resonalogy, there exist two specific Patchsigns that have slightly different connotations than simply the sum of their parts. This is a result of the signs being in direct conflict with their configuration and creating problematic or ominous energies. These signs are considered a taboo in most circles of Resonalogy, because of how their very presence heralds unfortunate or even catastrophic situations. Historically, these signs have been spotted sparsely and are closely related to danger or highly unstable patterns of energy. I have been cleared to show these signs for educational purposes, and the use of them should pose no threat to you. There is not much information on these symbols as Patchsigns, because they are rarely expressed by individuals in Resonalogy, so their effects and results on people who resonate under their signs are relatively unknown.


"The Sign Meaning Nothing"

Of the two Aberrant Signs, this one is less dangerous and is more of a nuisance at worst. XULXSET is a Patchsign that comes from AAHNENN or BYTHYSS being placed in a segment of a Patchsign where they don't belong. While technically this Patchsign is impossible for an individual to be given, it has been recorded as a sort of anomaly in Resonalogy. Because AAHNENN is limited to being an extroverted sign and BYTHYSS limited an introverted sign, they express nothing when they are placed in the reverse positions. This creates a sign with no clear message or direction. Whereas XIIRAII represents the overwhelming flow of information, XULXSET can be seen as the absence or obscuring of information. Researchers report being met with this symbol at the dead end of their searches. Resonologists claim that XULXSET is representitive of data or experience that should not be known or recorded by any individual.


"Knowledge That Knows No Use"

XIIRAII is the combination of DETERRE and CEVERRE in any order. The signs conflict heavily as their focus on the possible future and distant past creates a guidance which concerns itself with all time but the immediate present. The rare few who are guided by this sign have been reported to have bouts of confusion regarding space-time, memory loss/fabrication, wildly swinging moods and paranoia, and hallucinations. People resonating with XIIRAII have even been said to recieve vast and impossible to use insight gained from their meditation, as they are never told when or where this guidance would be pertinent. Such an influx of information given to a single individual guided by this Patchsign almost certainly leads to madness. Resonalogists theorize that while an annoying intrusion of a Patchsign, XULXSET's informational obfuscation exists partially to protect reality from the presence of XIIRAII. However such research is unsubstantiated in the personal divining aspect of Patch Resonalogy.
I've done a lot of research on this sign and have been unable to find anything that backs up the claim of this sign causing madness in those who resonate with it. This is likely a ghost story shared to add some mystique to the field, but really should not be taken seriously. Theories on why Ceverre/Deterre create Xiiraii instead of the patchsign they should create range as far back as the history of Patch Resonalogy. It is possible that undocumented sects of Resonalogy did interpret the combination as a rational sign, but has since seen disuse for whatever reason. Such mysteries is what keeps this field so interesting! -DEE (7/18/2017)